Tian Tan, with a wide network in China and Switzerland, encourages businesses and individuals, from A to Z, to establish contacts with key people in the fields requested, to facilitate their business between the two parties. We also organize various business trips. These business trips are built around a communication context relaxed and enjoyable to create optimum conditions to achieve business opportunities. This type of travel-related tourism belongs to the company. We are attentive to every detail of the organization to carry out your requests. Each client is unique - every project is different. We will help you create a tailored event to your needs in terms of communication and public relations. A method implementation through years of experience:
  • We are here to listen and understand your needs
  • We analyze your project and your wishes
  • We adapt to your business philosophy
  • We advise you and offer creative solutions to make your event exceptional
  • Logistics and airport transfers
  • Organize your sports, leisure, cultural activities
  • Coordination of your events, bilingual guides and hostesses...
During your business trip, the team Tiantan Horizon SA is at your disposal to welcome you and serve you. Our drivers are at your service and have at heart to welcome you to the airport and drive you to your destination with elegance. We guarantee the professionalism you expect and a VIP service make your trip a pleasure trip or business.